Welcome to SFVIP
The San Francisco Voting Integrity Project (SFVIP) is a non-partisan, public
coalition dedicated to a secure and accurate election process which is
completely open, transparent, and accessible to public oversight.

SFVIP aims to have a positive influence on elections in San Francisco through
coordinated action of volunteers who want to assure that there is public trust in
the conduct of elections.   We do this by
Attending and testifying at San Franciscio Elections Commission and
Board of Supervisor Hearings
Working with San Francisco County appointed and elected officials to  
create policies and legislation to improve the elections process.
Participating directly in the conduct of elections as Poll Workers,
Precinct Inspectors and Field Election Deputies
If you'd like to join our fight for better elections,  please join the Yahoo Group
below to become an SFVIP !
the San Francisco Voting Integrity Project